Book Reccommendation!!!!! RELENTLESS   11/12/2015

Anybody interested in the dynamic of Sport and of the phenomenal Cork Ladies Football team should get their hands on Mary White's new book RELENTLESS. It takes the reader behind the scenes and shows what makes the Cork ladies footballers one of the most successful teams EVER in the history of Irish Sport.

Don't just take our word alone for it!

"It would have been disaasterous if the best team in Irish sport had passed into history without their story being told"
Malachy Clerkin, The Irish Times

"Funny, engaging, inspiring. The story of this team's success will make you do everything from applaud their achievements, to wish you were part of the squad"
Jacqui Hurley, RTÉ

"Anyone who coaches sport in this country will devour, study, love and constantly cite this book. This is a wonderful story of how a group of people transformed themselves and a sport"
Kieran Shannon, The Irish Examiner

We're brought into the dressing room and into the lives of women who were more than just trendsetters on the pitch. They helped to change the way we viewed ourselves"
Sinead Kissane, TV3

Available from all good booksellers. €15. Currach Press


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