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4th Class Bliz Rules

  1. Panels of 10, 7 players on team. 
  2. Matches will be 20 mins long. 
  3. Players must score with the hurley. 
  4. Players are not allowed to “lift and catch”. 
  5. The ball can be caught only while in flight or when hopping. 
  6. No hand passing. 
  7. Normal rules of hurling apply to the goal-keeper inside his own area. 
  8. Please bring a whistle – you will be required to referee matches. 
  9. N.B. Games must start on time. 
  10. The co-ordinators decision is final in all matches. 
  11. Scoring aggregate will not count. 
  12. In the event of teams being level on points after the group stages a sudden death free taking competition will take place to be organised by the co-ordinator. 
  13. Boys only competition.


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