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Indoor Hurling Rules

  • Each game is to be 12-minute duration (6 min a side) with no more than one minute for half time. Time to be added on for stoppages and injuries is at the referee’s discretion. 
  • Indoor hurleys and indoor sliotars (perforated type) to be used. 
  • Helmets with full-face guard must be worn at all times 
  • Substitutions can be made at any time during the game. Changes should be made promptly for fairness. 
  • A goalkeeper may kick, block or stop the sliotar with his foot intentionally. He may also use his hand to stop the sliotar but is not permitted to catch or pick up the sliotar. 
  • Side walls and back walls are in play at all times. However, if the ball goes through the side or back of the netting and comes back into play, it is considered a wide ball and puck-out is awarded. 
  • Puck outs to be taken 5 paces from the centre of the goal. 
  • All players must stand at least 10 paces away from where a free or puck out is being taken.
  • Players may not score directly from a puck out (however a goal will stand if the sliotar touches any player and crosses the goal line from a puck out) 
  • An outfield player may not intentionally kick, block or stop the sliotar with his foot. 
  • A player may strike, volley or bat the sliotar when it is in the air. 
  • A sliotar may be flicked but not roll picked or jab picked. 
  • No lifting, soloing, or catching the sliotar 
  • In the event that a game ends in a draw at full time, the golden goal rule will apply (i.e. First team to score wins), with a maximum of 5 minutes for this to happen. In the event of no team scoring in this 5-minute period the game goes to penalties. Each team gets 3 penalties initially and if there is no outcome sudden death will apply. 
  • All games should be 7 players a side, though this may need to be adjusted in smaller venues.


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