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Bye Laws


  1. The name of the Board shall be Coiste Sciath na Scol Chorcaí 
  2. The function of the Coiste shall be the promotion of the general aims of C.L.C.G. as outlined in the Treoraí Oifigiúil. 
  3. The Board shall consist of Uachtaran, Leas-Uachtaran, Cathaoirleach, Leas-Cathaoirleach, Rúnaí, Rúnaí Cúnta, Cisteoir, Qifigeach Forbartha, Qifigeach Caidreamh, Poibli, 2 teacher delegates from each school competing (1 Hurling and 1 Football). 
  4. Molta, comh fada agus is feidir, gnó an Bhóird a dhéanamh tri Ghaelige. 
  5. The Governing Body shall be the A.G.M. 
  6. The quorum for the A.G.M. shall consist of one-third of affiliated schools. 
  7. The A.G.M. shall consist of the outgoing officers and one voting delegate from each school for hurling and one vot­ing delegate for football. 
  8. All officers and delegates shall be primary teachers or retired primary teachers. 
  9. The officers shall be elected annually at the A.G.M. and these officers shall also act as a General Purposes Committee. 
  10. The A.G.M. shall be held at the earliest convenient date in June. 
  11. Notice of Motions to be submitted in writing to the Rúnaí or from the floor of the A.G.M.  
  12. A Bye-law may be amended, added to or deleted by a two-thirds majority of those voting at the A.G.M. or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose. 
  13. The Rúnaí shall give a report of the working of the Coiste at the A.G.M. 
  14. The Cisteoir shall furnish a statement of accounts at the A.G.M. 
  15. The Coiste shall decide league competitions and age groups. 
  16. The voting for officers shall be as follows: (a)Nominee to be proposed and seconded. (b) In the event of a contest, voting shall be on P.R. system, and, in the event of a tie, the name shall be drawn. 
  17. A Special General Meeting may be called at the request of at least one-third of affiliated schools. 
  18. The Rúnaí, in consultation with the Cathaoirleach, may call an ordinary meeting. 
  19. (a) Entries for competitions will only be accepted on receipt of entry form duly completed, together with the appropriate affiliation fee.
    (b)Schools not represented and who do not send prior word of their intention to participate to fixture meetings cannot participate in competition.
    (c)Schools not represented at fixture meeting shall have the fixture made and must travel. Failure to fulfil that fixture shall result in elimination from the competition.
    (d) Schools who give a walkover in a competition shall be eliminated and shall not be eligible for relegation. 
  20. A game will be regarded as a contract between two schools and as such is a sporting activity which is normal to the school involved. 
  21. A list of players in duplicate shall be handed to the ref­eree before each game, in sections where age limits apply. Names in Irish and dates of birth shall be on the lists. 
  22. When a game is postponed the teams concerned must refix within 7 days of the original fixture. The officer or delegate appropriated to that section must be notified. In the event of failure to comply, the Board shall have the power to nominate a winner. 
  23. AII games must be refereed by primary teachers. The away team will nominate the referee. Referees in finals shall be togged out. 
  24. Deadlines fixed for finals must be adhered to by the schools. 
  25. All jerseys must be numbered for finals. 
  26. AII league finals shall be played in Pairc Ui Chaoimh (where possible). Only three teachers shall be allowed on to the side-line for these finals. 
  27. Playing rules for league competitions:
    (a) A 45m free shall be awarded instead of a 65m in hurl­ing.
    (b) A 30m free shall be awarded instead of a 45m free in football.
    (c) The ball shall be kicked out from the hand at all times.
    (d) A Leather juvenile ball shall be used in hurling/camogie, except by agreement of schools involved.
    (e) A size 4 football shall be used.
    (f) The square ball rule (Rule 197(f) of TO. 1988 edi­tion) does not apply.
    (g) In football, all frees and sidelines, except penalties may be kicked from the hand.
    (h) All other rules shall apply. 
  28. In all matters of fact and time concerning the game, the referees report shall be accepted as final. The referee’s handling of the game shall not be questioned or com­mented upon, except, in writing, to the Board. 
  29. Supporters will be the responsibility of competing schools at all times. 
  30. Fields should be flagged and lined for all games where possible. 
  31. The time allowed for objections, which must be submitted in writing, is four school days and for counter-objections, which must also be submitted in writing, four school days. 
  32. Coiste Sciath na Scol shall be affiliated to Cumann na mBunscol. 
  33. Coiste Sciath na Scol shall recognise as affiliate regions Cumann LuithchIeas Gael Bunscoileanna Thuaisceart Chorcaí and Cumann na mBunscoileanna larthar Chorcaí, Coiste Charraig Donn, Sciath na Scol Mhuscraí. 
  34. Each affiliated school shall be entitled to a copy of the bye-laws and shall be deemed to have full knowledge of them. 
  35. Age limit applies (only) in Roinn A competitions. 
  36. Section to be formed taking number as well as perfor­mance into account. Sections to be reviewed after two full cycles of competition. (1995) 
  37. Children who have played in the Sciath na Scol compe­tition and have completed 6th class in one school are debarred from representing another school in Sciath na Scol Competitions. 
  38. That any school which wins the regional section in either Hurling or Football, and chooses not to participate in the provincial stage of the competition, be not allowed to enter the INTO/Mini Sevens Chorcaí. 
  39. That the age limit in Roinn 1 be terminated. (Rule 35/21) -- 2000 
  40. Mixed schools who enter boys and girls teams in Sciath na Scol competitions may play boys only in boys’ competitions, and girls only in girls’ competitions—2003 
  41. Re: Rule 19d/schools who give a walk over in a competition shall be eliminated and shall not be eligible for relegation. This rule shall now cover all secondary competitions run by Sciath na Scol. 
  42. In the event of teams being level after extra time (in a final) that the trophy is jointly presented to both schools.


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