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On behalf of Munster Coaching & Games, please find attached information on the "Let's Play GAA in May" initiative.


Lets play GAA in May activities  <---Click here

Posters for the Junior & Senior Cycle activities.    Senior Cycle poster <---- Click here

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  • Document with details on each activity                   
  • Explanation video for teachers on Let's Play GAA in May         GAA In May Explainer Video.mp4     <----  Click here 

This initiative is designed to get school children across the province active during May following months of lockdown. The resources attached will assist teachers in engaging children in fun and varied activities for all children.

We would encourage schools to share these resources with all class teachers and to make an effort to "Play GAA in May"


Munster GAA Primary Schools Let’s Play GAA in May 

The month of May is going to be a busy one in Primary Schools across Munster with many schools participating in “Let’s Play GAA in May”. This is an initiative by Munster GAA where primary school children across the province will have weekly opportunities to take part in GAA activities which are in line with current guidelines.

Developed by Munster GAA Games Development staff “Let’s Play GAA in May” is a combination of skill development, fun activities, skills challenges and classroom-based activities for Jnr & Snr Infants, 1st & 2nd Class, 3rd & 4th Class, 5th & 6th Class. There is a mix of class, small group, partner and individual activities.

GDA’s across Waterford, Clare, Tipperary, Cork, Kerry & Limerick will be supporting children and teachers in taking part in ‘Let’s Play GAA in May’. Schools and teachers are being encouraged to submit pictures and videos to their local GDA for promotion on county and Munster social medial platforms.

Let’s Play GAA in May Jnr & Snr Infant activities

Animal Movements


  • Coach calls out the name of an animal and the children must mimic the animals movement
  • Examples include Bear Crawl, Crab Crawl, Snake Slide, Bunny Hop, Kangaroo Hop, Frog Jump, Stand Tall like a Giraffe, Go as Slow as a Sloth, Go as fast as a Cheetah, Inchworm etc
  • Allow the children to use their imagination to come up with their own variation of movement, and ask them for other ideas.


No Man’s Land


  • 4 zones 1 in each corner of a 25m x 25m grid
  • Kids must stay in their pod/team. (Add extra zones if needed)
  • When a ball comes into their zone, Kids must kick/strike the ball into one of the other teams zones.
  • Team with least amount of balls in their zone are the winners
  • Play multiple 2/3 minute games and try to ensure every team wins at least once, if possible.

Knock the Castle


  • 20m x 20m grid with 4 teams
  • As many balls (footballs, sliotars etc) are placed on a spacer cone in the area.
  • Team 1 has 1 minute to knock (with hand/foot/hurley etc) as many balls off the cones as possible.
  • As the balls are being knocked off, the other 3 teams are placing the balls back on the cones.
  • Repeat for all teams & teams with most balls off after 1 minute wins the game

Rob the Nest


  • Each team (Pod) has their own nest (Base).
  • On whistle, kids can run in and pick up a ball/beanbag and bring it back to their nest.
  • Continue collecting until all balls are gone from the middle, and then players can “Rob” from the other teams.
  • Whichever team has the most balls at the end is the winner
  • One ball at a time for each player and no guarding balls in own nest








Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 


  • Each child has a partner, standing opposite them with a ball in-between them.
  • Teacher calls body parts e.g. “Head” and the kids must put their 2 hands on their head.
  • Repeat for other body parts, ears, elbows, shoulders, knees, toes, nose, belly etc.
  • When teacher calls “Ball”, the first player to pick up the ball wins
  • Play multiple games and add in exercises also e.g. 10 star Jumps, 5 Frog Jumps, Touch belly off ground etc


Clean the Room

  • Kids must stay in their pod/team which is their team.
  • On the whistle, teams must throw the paper balls out of their area, into one of the other teams area.
  • Team with the “Cleanest Room” (least amount of paper balls) at the end of the time is the winner
  • Play multiple 2/3 minute games and try to ensure every team wins at least once, if possible.
  • Encourage overhand or underhand throwing in every second game


  • Have 4 sets 8-10 skittles/cones set out.
  • Players in groups of 3/4 with Hurley/Sliothar or Football 10m from skittles/cones
  • Each player gets 3 shots to see how many skittles/cones they can hit.
    • 1 point for every shot hit.
  • Add each players scores to get team score.

Ground Strike/Kick

  • Each player has a partner with Sliothar or Football between each pair
  • Strike/Kick to partner from 5m
  • If partner controls sliothar/football you get 1 point
  • Play for 2/3 minutes see which group gets most points
  • Change partners after 2/3 minutes








Let’s Play GAA in May 1st & 2nd Class activities

Group Based

Hit the Target 

  • Teacher sets up different targets on playing surface and players try hit them from different distances. Targets can include cones, bottles, bins, lunch boxes. This activity can be used in both hurling and football.
  • Game based can be different points for different targets. Also, can be individual competition or team event.


  • Class can play a game of rounders with hurley and small ball or football.

Friend Based


  • Ground Striking
  • Place two goals opposite each other.
  • Each player has to try and score a goal on his opponent.
  • Goals should be 2 metres wide and 10 metres apart.



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