Survey for each school to complete   31/05/2020

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A Chairde

Please find a link below/above in relation to a questionnaire from the GAA Games Development Committee in conjunction with Cumann na mBunscol.

We ask that you send this to each school in your county and ask that the person in charge of gaelic games completes it.

The results of this questionnaire will form the basis to establish a club-school link template. It is therefore vital that this questionnaire is completed giving thought and consideration to your own situation.

We have clarified the meaning behind a few of the questions below.

Q2 Does your school have an official and organised Club–School Link in operation?

This means more than just someone from the club dropping in to say hello in the school or leaving in a few balls or sliothers.

Q. 6 How was that person/s chosen/appointed? 

Please outline if you had any input in the appointment.

If you don’t know how they were appointed please just say you don’t know.

Q.7 Are you aware of a Club–School Link template that is in use in your county?

This means an official template.

Q.11 What are the main issues you face in school promoting Gaelic games?

Please list all of these e.g finance, equipment, coaching etc.

If finance an issue please state how much per year your school spends.

The link for the survey is:

Thanks you all for your cooperation and support with this.

The closing date for completion of the survey is Friday 12th June 2020.


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