Sciath na Scol Daily Challenge   20/04/2020

AllianzIreland and AllianzCnmB.

  Sciath na Scol Daily Challenge * We will post a daily challenge or skill for you all to work on with your parents.  First up we are posting a link to the Rebel Óg Coaching videos 

Allianz Ireland Sciath na Scol Daily Challenges
Day 1     
CLICK HERE --->>> Please post some of your own videos ! #AllianzCnmB

Day 2

Here is a wealth of lovely challenges from the GAA Learning Portal

Allianz Ireland
Sciath na Scol Daily Skill Challenges
Day 3

Why not check out this twitter account for a lovely Hurling/Camogie introduction for 3-5 year olds!


Day 5

There's a downloadable booklet here from the 

CorkSports with some advice on keeping fit and well

 Cork Sports Keep ACtive School Initiatives campaign 


Day 6

PE@Home Week 2 is out now!House with garden
#ActiveHomeWeek@ActiveFlag@HealthyIreland@PDSTpe   Have oodles of fun!   Full Lesson: CLICK HERE   ---->>>   

*************@AllianzIreland Sciath na Scol Daily Activities This week is #ActiveHomeWeek#KeepCorkActive So here is a list of fabulous activities to pick and choose from:   @CorkSports@cnambnaisiunta#AllianzCnmB
Woman teacher
#GAAPrimary Weekly Challenges are now available on  Gaelic games-themed primary school lessons for:

All curriculum subjects

All pupils Physical/skill activities 


Day 8

Joe Wicks' daily PE class on YouTube 


Day 9

It's important to get aerobic exercise, any exercise that gets heart pumping and has you working up a sweat

All movement is good, Running around having fun or putting the radio on to have a dance - it doesn't matter what you do as long as you do something.

Having a routine

is it a good idea to set a time-slot for our kids' daily workout/school work/play time/arts and crafts etc?   it can be flexible as it depends on the child and family commitments. 

Your exercise sessions need to be something you want to do, that you're going to have fun with. As long as it happens at some point, it doesn't really matter.

Get creative, get inventive with things around your home.

Hula hoops are cheap and don't take up a lot of room so they're a great thing to add to your workout, Use the sofa to do push-ups. 

Jump rope skipping can be really motivational - especially if you team it with a YouTube video....Joe Wicks' daily PE class on YouTube above is really fun. 


Day 10

16 Exercise games to make children active, fit and Healthy

Click Here  --->>>>


Day 11

Day 12



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