PRIMARY GAME 2018   20/03/2018

Football selection to take place on 16th and 18th of April in Ballygarvan and Carrigtwohill. 

if you have entered check your email for venue/time. 

please check back on the day of selection in case of any last minute changes

All Hurling/Camogie Primary Game nominees for second selection have been notified this morning by email/text message 

Primary game CAMOGIE will be on Wednesday 21st March at 3.30 in Nemo

Primary Game HURLING will be on Thursday 22nd March in ??????  (specific times emailed to schools)

If you have submitted a boys/girls name for the above please check you email for details.  



To be submitted on or before 12 noon on Friday 16th March 201

Please read all information before filling in the form


*Note*   ....Only one boy and one girl can be picked for Primary game from any individual school... ie. If your hurling nominee is selected then your football nominee cannot be selected.  

The Primary Game Team Selections for 2018 will commence shortly. We are asking teachers to nominate children, who they think have a realistic chance of being selected for these teams. Only ten children from the County will play on each team. We will only have a maximum of two teams in each code. (20 children)

Please, please, please do not nominate children if you feel they haven’t the required skills and standards. There is no honour in being sent to a selection process and being totally overwhelmed.

The following rules apply:

Only children born on or after 01-01-2005 can be nominated.

All players must be in 6th class

(3) A school is only entitled to 1 nominee in each code.

(4) A nominee cannot represent their county more than once.

(5) Only schools who have participated in any of Sciath na Scol Competitions this school year 2017-2018 are eligible i.e. Indoor, Outdoor. Mini 7’s etc


  • NB Only applications submitted online will be accepted. Postal entries or entries not filled in properly will be discarded. 

The Camogie selection will take place on Wednesday 21st March (weather permitting).  

Hurling will take place on Thursday 22nd March. 

Football will take place after Easter on 16th and 18th April.   Please check your e-mail regularly and keep an eye on the website.

Please inform parents that all enquiries to this office must be made through the school.


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